A-listers Seen To Make Use Of Matchmaking Programs Like Tinder and OkCupid. These 19 models Swipe best and put Like You and myself

A-listers Seen To Make Use Of Matchmaking Programs Like Tinder and OkCupid. These 19 models Swipe best and put Like You and myself

Over are time exactly where online dating was a stigmatized things reserved for socially uncomfortable dorks and reluctant loners. Lately, it seems like people on at least one software, webpages or platform individual customers, non-monogamous people, coupled-up customers wanting area measures, and people by themselves looking a third.

The affluent are not any various, even though they might produce everyone lining up to pay attention to these people IRL, that is no reason they could also come across adore via electronic methods. Definitely, their own celebrity level does not indicate its precisely simple. For just one, plenty of people might have hassle thinking they certainly were coming across a celebs actual levels not a scam or catfish effort, as well as, dating a typical person as soon as youre famous are a real pain both for events, whatever their particular individual compatibility.

This, as you can imagine, signifies that more celebrities exactly who practice dating online do it via programs that are designed to their high-class times. These days, very often mean Raya, an app whoever most basis for are looks like it’s so Entertainment celebrities might have one thing to swipe on. But from time to time, a bona fide celebrity tries out and about an app meant for most people.

Heres examine some noteworthy widely known swipers of the past little while:

A-listers Just Who Incorporate Relationship Apps

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Zac Efron

With a winning smile, washboard abs and a legion of no-longer-teenaged high-school audio stans after him, youd need to guess Zac Efron would cleaning on any regular a relationship application. However, his beginning encounters on Tinder happened to be apparently a bust with people stating his own true page was a fake.

Khloe Kardashian

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Khloe is much from the most well-known member of the woman family members, but shes continue to a pretty standard tabloid and news web log occurrence, in no small part caused by this lady sex life. Having said that, it’s quite scary to find out that shes happy to go throughout the weeds of online dating or perhaps she had been ages straight back. Scuttlebutt offers they she received this model own personal OkCupid page in 2016.

Channing Tatum

The celebrity for the rev up and wonders Mike businesses made an appropriate live for himself taking part in a lovable goofball who can grind hard on display, and also as some body whos quite acquainted with working class individuals. Its a tiny bit disappointing to document that Tatum known largely for their Raya utilization without like Tinder or Bumble, but in accordance with a minimum of one provider, his or her Raya biography claims that he do, undoubtedly, use to are a stripper.


Lizzos records regularly relate to getting abused crazy by sub-par lovers. Its scarcely shocking to know shes not a new comers to the a relationship software daily life, then. She reportedly joined Raya in 2019 wanting to correspond to with John Mayer, but evidently that did not come about. Chris Evans, but have answer an intoxicated Instagram DM slip, extremely shes doing things best!

Charlize Theron

The southern area African celebrity nicely recognized for her cosmetics for the girl gift doesnt specifically seem like a relationship app information. Absolutely theres many if not hundreds of people she knows who does drop anything as of yet her, appropriate? But during the pointers of companion Chelsea Handler, she acknowledge to checking out Tinder in a 2017 meeting, the actual fact that she reportedly didnt love the app practice.

Ben Affleck


Any time Brad Pitt joked about possessing a Tinder page in the victory conversation for the best encouraging Actor last 2020, it appeared very laughable. But also for Ben Affleck, one of his true counterparts that springs into the head any time envisioning a depiction of A-list maleness, designing an internet a relationship shape isnt that far-fetched of an idea. Affleck fessed over to getting a Raya shape on Instagram following newspapers revealed on it in 2019.

Laverne Cox

Swiping around on online dating software is often fraught for trans people, but Laverne Cox, activist and sensation of Netflixs reach feminine prison crisis tangerine Will Be The brand-new dark, explained herself as a Tinder girl in 2019. Some information have actually also missing over to suppose that this gal satisfied a severe mate regarding app.

Amy Schumer

Before marrying hubby Chris Fischer, stand-up comedian and all-around humorous actress Amy Schumer reportedly dated a home furniture artist Ben Hanisch, if youd always Google him she found on Raya.